We are storytellers. The primary medium we work in is television. The stories we tell persuasively communicate the ideas, concepts, hardware, software and services that are important to our clients — whether a multi-national high-tech company or an inner-city non-profit.

When creating a documentary-style story,  we begin by shooting interviews with real people, who often are the ones who use the technology or services our clients provide. We are noted for our low-stress interviews, no matter where we are on location.

An initially uncomfortable interview subject told us she’d forgotten she was being interviewed and had just enjoyed “the conversation.” This ability to relax interview subjects means we get the best performance out of them.


Talking heads on their own won’t tell the complete story. We shoot lots of footage to provide coverage for the edited story.

Where appropriate, we also create 2D and 3D graphics and animations to enhance the impact of the story.

From our decades of experience, we know that the most engaging videos are those that tell a story that draws the audience in — whether it’s the rebuilding of a broadcast network centre or the training of homeless folk for a more productive life.