Mike Bernhardt was employee number three and head of Marketing at Inscriber Technology — the company that went on to build the best broadcast graphics devices in the world.

I don’t even remember how we were first introduced to Bill Kinnon twenty-odd years ago to produce our first marketing video, but once we’d seen his work we knew that we’d found more than a production company – we’d found a marketing partner.

Bill Kinnon and MKPL produced corporate marketing, product marketing, training, trade show content, and more for us and was a big part of Inscriber’s ascent from a small upstart to a successful global brand.

MKPL was my marketing partner for all things visual. On each new project, they’d take the time upfront to understand our objective and message and in a very consultative way help us develop something of which everyone was very proud. Bill and his team would work tirelessly to ensure that our message was delivered and that we looked good.

When Inscriber joined the much larger Harris Corporation, I was proud to introduce MKPL to the corporate marketing department. Once they’d seen Bill’s work, MKPL became Harris’ “go-to producer for anything critical that required a visual interpretation of the message”.

MKPL Rocks!


While Marcom director at Harris Broadcast, Dave Cohen worked with Medri Kinnon Productions’ Bill Kinnon on a number of very large projects.

The animation of a still ad.“Putting together video marketing that sizzles isn’t easy. The message has to be right, of course, but they also have to be easy to watch.

Bill’s remarkably talented – and quickly became my go-to producer for anything critical that required a visual interpretation of our message. Bill works tirelessly to deliver nothing but the best.”

– David Cohen – Director of Marketing Communications — Miranda Technologies


Dion Oxford, Director of Mission Integration, The Salvation Army

“Bill Kinnon and Imbi Medri captured the essence of our program beautifully.

Their professional, caring, and sensitive approach to our shelter program was quite moving. The end result of their work with us has led to a 6-minute video enabling a far greater public understanding of the work that we do. It has also led to tangible results of significant funding dollars.

I can’t say enough good to endorse the great work of Medri Kinnon Productions.”