Shooting on the streets of Amsterdam

Bill is a writer, director and editor. His work has won multiple awards β€” although he’d tell you most of the awards are languishing in a box in storage somewhere. He’s directed the presidents of major corporations, put words in the mouth of the finest Canadian actors and made some of the most stumbling speakers look like brilliant expositors β€” editing can be used for good, as well as evil. πŸ™‚

He’s also been the creative director for the rebranding of a Canadian Network’s children’s programming, edited more network interstitials than he cares to remember (he can tell you when the 1st Gulf War began because he completed 36 “Gulf Crisis” interstitials for CTV β€” left the edit suite for the birth of his daughter, Kaili – and then returned the next day to change them all to the “Gulf War”), had much fun working on many music videos, created special effects for kids’ series and has overseen the post-production of 250 one hour shows for the Discovery Channel (US).

Shooting-in-MunichAlthough Bill prefers to work with his favourite camera person, the changes in the industry have seen him pick up HD camera (including the latest Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Camera) β€” and he’s thoroughly enjoying himself. He’s known as a gifted interviewer β€” and will often shoot the interview while conducting it.

One interviewee told him that she was terrible on camera; she had been embarrassed by a CNN interview she’d given and really didn’t want to sit down for a project with Bill. She was later shocked by the results β€” she said she’d forgotten she was being interviewed and had just enjoyed “the conversation.”

Bill’s partner, Imbi, a gifted interviewer and producer in her own right, will tell you that Bill is busy editing the interview in his head, while he’s asking the questions β€” and then he can’t wait to get back into the edit suite to begin crafting the story. Very little of Bill or Imbi’s work features “voice-of-God” narration. The stories they “tell” are crafted from the people they’ve interviewed.

Bill has also worked as Creative Director for huge tradeshow productions. In 2011, Bill worked on his fourth NAB Show stand for Harris Broadcast.

Dave Cohen, former Harris Broadcast Director of Marketing Services, has said this about Bill’s work,

“Putting together video marketing that sizzles isn’t easy. The message has to be right, of course, but they also have to be easy to watch.Β Bill is remarkably talented – and quickly became my go-to producer for anything critical that required a visual interpretation of our message.
Bill works tirelessly to deliver nothing but the best.”