Sometimes the opportunity to communicate your brand story is limited by the environment or the available content. Settings like trade shows only allow you to tell short, fast stories that grab eyeballs — without using sound*. We’ve produced enumerable interstitial style stories for trade shows including NAB in Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam.

Often, the story that needs to be told is that of a product that isn’t quite ready for release or is conceptual rather than physical — but the buzz needs to be built.

The Versio Platform, IP3, Selenio SNP and Magellan NMS videos in the gallery are examples of this. We had to create 2D, and 3D animations to tell those stories as none of these now successful products were ready for their closeups.

Medri Kinnon has worked in the broadcast industry creating 5, 10, 15 & 30-second interstitials to tell networks’ stories. Our experience in that world has translated into producing high-quality eye-grabbing work for the technology-driven world’s exhibits and trade shows.

We know how to tell memorable brand stories in the mere moments you have a viewers attention.

It’s also important to note that these interstitials can be used in PowerPoint/Keynote presentations to add a little sizzle to the steak you are offering.

*Using sound at trade shows for repeating marketing content is a sure way to drive your booth staff & booth neighbours crazy. And it is rarely loud enough for potential customers to hear it. We know how to create content for these settings that does not require sound.