When we began business in 1984 in Toronto, our primary clients were a national retail chain, Canadian Tire and a not-so-small computing company, IBM. To those corporate clients were added companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler, Kelloggs and many other corporations. We won numerous awards for the work we produced for them and had the great pleasure of working with people like car-racing great, Mario Andretti.

We have lived on the bleeding edge of production and post-production technology from the first year we opened our company doors on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue.

In the late 80’s, we began to do more work with national broadcasters like CTV – where we regularly post-produced branding and network interstitials (working with CTV staff producers). As time hurtled towards the end of the 2nd millennium, our creative work featured the design and rebranding of Global TV’s KidsTV to KTV.

At the same time, our post-production team delivered 250 one-hour shows to the Discovery Channel (US), multiple children’s shows, 100’s of commercials & music videos, and many high-end corporate productions.

Today our work still encompasses TV production – but there’s more to it than that. Our production management and creative skills have seen us provide consulting and leadership to grand-scale marketing efforts focused on the largest broadcast hardware and software tradeshow in the world – NAB in Las Vegas – from 2008 through 2017. In those years we were involved in the booth layout and design – as well as producing numerous animations and videos used there, on the net and in other marketing venues including IBC in Amsterdam. Since 2012, we’ve produced numerous videos and marketing assets for these shows as well as the ongoing marketing efforts of a number of high-tech companies.

Our skills have also been used in much smaller projects. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with NGOs in Africa to help them tell their stories.

Our non-profit sector work also includes working with North American and British charities. One of our more recent being the fundraising video for The Gateway — Toronto.

We have also trained mature students in Nairobi to produce short-form productions using simple/high-quality cameras and in-expensive editing gear. And this work has been incredibly rewarding. One of our student productions can be seen here (from 2002).

All of this to say, that our production and production-management skills have been used on productions with huge budgets – and on projects that have severely limited budgets and in every case we have worked, to quote our client, Dave Cohen, “to deliver nothing but the best.”


*All images on this page are from Medri Kinnon Productions.