A Field of Dreams

There’s a tendency to believe that once the money is spent and your video is completed & uploaded to YouTube and Facebook (and maybe tweeted about it a couple of times), you’re done. We call it the Field of Dreams approach — “If we produce it, they will watch.”

The reality is that for far too many great videos, YouTube and FB are where they go to die. Even your YouTube Subscribers and Facebook Followers can miss your important story.

Delivery is a Multi-Stage Process that Includes Social Media

Uploading the story to streaming hosts is only step one in the delivery process.

Medri Kinnon will guide you through the multiple stages of using everything from LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, email to embedding your new video on your website and in your PowerPoint presentations. We know how to help you get the biggest and most effective bang for your buck.

Versioning for Specific Audiences & Opportunities

We will produce versions that are appropriate for particular audiences — whether as elevator pitch (short, sweet and to the point), as teaser for Twitter/Instagram/WhatsApp driving people to the full version, or for the already engaged viewer who wants the whole story.

We will show you how to use staff mobile devices to get your story in front of as many people as possible — whether iOS-based or Android. We will provide versions for embedding in PowerPoint or Keynote. And we will walk you through using Sneakernet tools like USB sticks to further reach your audience.